A Word About the Founder

Shaunise Day was born and raised in Oakland, California. She is currently chasing steno and is a passionate steno advocate for the court reporting and captioning profession. Shaunise is the founder of Steno in the City; Confessions of a Stenographer, The Steno Podcast; and The Steno Xperience.  The aforementioned were created to add value to our profession. Shaunise’s goal is to remind everyone that we are a top-notch industry composed of highly-skilled individuals, which no one can steal from us.  She currently serves on the National Court Reporters Association PAC Governing BoardBrand Ambassador Council, and former Student/Teacher Committee.     

Steno in the City

The purpose of Steno in the City’s networking events is to bring the court reporting, captioning, and legal profession together one city and one platform at a time to network, celebrate one another’s successes, inspire one another to keep going, share ideas on how to strengthen the profession, and to achieve solidarity with one another. We firmly believe that TOGETHER we can get things done, turn the profession around, and get back on track. Now is the time to stand together as one, and it starts with all of us coming together and setting aside our differences as we arrive at solutions regarding how to protect and promote the profession.

In this day and age with new technology on the rise, we must use our collective voice to educate the public concerning who we are, what we do, and why we are needed. Promoting and protecting the profession should be our number one goal, and we need a bevy of boots on the ground willing to do the work.  Will you join us to make it happen?

Confessions of a Stenographer

The Steno Podcast is currently on all nationwide platforms. The top outlets are iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, and YouTube. Just click on over to the “Podcast” tab, and you will be directed to a litany of engaging episodes. These podcasts were designed with the entire legal profession in mind.  They are for educational purposes and are designed to spread the word about the steno profession.  Though you are sure to hear this on nearly every episode of  the podcast, it still bears repeating:  As technology continues to evolve, so will we. Our future is bright, and we are not going anywhere.   

The Steno Xperience

The mission of The Steno Xperience is to promote the courting reporting and captioning profession one career fair at a time. Whether in person or virtual, by any means necessary we will work hard to elevate and protect our profession.  We are a unique industry. When we are engaged in educating the public about who we are and what we do, we are actually sharing an experience that is unlike any other profession. As part of this plan, we will endeavor to reach young people by targeting inner-city public and charter schools. We will also reach out to group homes.  In fact, last year we partnered with KIPP Academy, who welcomed us with a warm reception.  Though we plan to ultimately replicate our efforts in every city across the land, for now this will be our main target as we stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The last event, Steno in the City - Washington, D.C., was epic. During the pandemic, multiple career fairs were held in two states.  You can rest assured that we will continue to find ways to think outside of the box in terms of promoting, protecting, and preserving our esteemed profession. I hope that you will join us in these efforts.

The next round of career fairs is slated for fall 2021. If you are interested in assisting us in our ongoing efforts to promote our profession, please contact Shaunise Day at info@stenointhecity.com.  

 Finally, please be sure to check out the events that took place last year through our virtual career fairs. Steno Lovers, let's remember the mission and fight the good fight.

One Team. One Goal. STENO!

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